Understanding America and Her Enemies in Wartime

Operation Ripper – Fourth Battle of Seoul

https://youtu.be/FV-uy5rXDCk With the UN Operation Ripper in March 1951, Seoul changed hands for the 4th time. Following the 8-day, late February offensive of Operation Killer that pushed PVA/KPA forces north of the Han River, Operation Ripper was intended...

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Kefauver Senate Crime Investigation

https://youtu.be/WnnWin0Zq7Q In 1951 the United States Senate Special Committee to Investigate Crime in Interstate Commerce (Chairman -Senator Estes Kefauver) investigated inter-state organized crime. "The Kefauver Committee hearings in the winter of 1951...

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UN Forces Launch Major Counter-Offensive

https://youtu.be/hnlFxo3vUGA   On January 25, 1950, after a series of cautious reconnaissance advances, the U.S. 8th Army, under the command of Gen Matthew Ridgway, initiated Operation Thunderbolt, a major attack against Chinese and North Korean forces near the Han...

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