Understanding America and Her Enemies in Wartime

The Caine Mutiny Wins The Pulitzer Prize

The Caine Mutiny, a novel by Herman Wouk, won the 1951 Pulitzer Prize. Derived from Wouk's personal experiences aboard destroyer-minesweepers in the Pacific during WWII, the novel deals with the moral and ethical decisions made at sea by a...

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First H-Bomb Test on Eniwetok Atoll

https://youtu.be/oR3_7A_rQD0 In January 1950, President Harry Truman, despite strong reservations of the Atomic Energy Commission, made the controversial decision to intensify research and production of thermonuclear weapons. On May 12th, 1951, the United States,...

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Rosenbergs sentenced to death for espionage

https://youtu.be/5iUyF3YttgA Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged with conspiracy to commit espionage and brought to trial on March 6, 1951; On March 29 they were found guilty, and on April 5,1951 the couple was sentenced to death. https://youtu.be/7lfJC5bx3Us...

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