Understanding America and Her Enemies in Wartime

Truman Assassination Attempt

https://youtu.be/upbvXCgHwJo In November 1950 two Puerto Rican pro-independence nationalists attempted to assassinate U.S. President Harry Truman. Both men were stopped before gaining entry to the house. One assassin and one police officer were killed by...

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Pyongyang Captured

https://youtu.be/ad9GhwKeNpI In October 1950 ROK and U.N. forces captured Pyongyang after the main forces of the (North) Korean People's Army had withdrawn to Kanggye. Source: Wikipedia With a rumor circulating that Pyongyang was their final objective in the war,...

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Al Jolson

https://youtu.be/KD_YRnuuKyY Al Jolson, born Asa Yoelson, was an American singer, comedian, and actor who lived from 1886-1950. In the 1920s, Jolson was immensely popular as America's highest-paid entertainer. In 1927  Jolson starred in  The Jazz Singer, the...

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