Understanding America and Her Enemies in Wartime

Nikita Khrushchev

After Joseph Stalin’s death in March 1953 and the execution of the powerful state security chief, Lavrenty Beria—which Khrushchev engineered—Nikita Khrushchev engaged in a power struggle with Georgy Malenkov, who was Stalin’s heir apparent....

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Fashion 1953

https://youtu.be/RVpcykngYqs http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1953.html In 1953 women's hemlines, waistlines and hairlines grew shorter. ... The semi-fitted suit with a narrow jacket very slightly indented at the waist and the form-fitting sheath dress were...

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Coup d’etat in British Guiana

https://youtu.be/b61zp4lQCHk In October 1953, the democratically elected People's Progressive Party (PPP) of British Guyana was removed from power by the British Government—its colonial ruler at that time. The overthrow of the PPP, which had won a landslide...

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