Understanding America and Her Enemies in Wartime

U.S. , Chinese and North Korean Winter Uniforms 

This Chinese soldier fighting in Korea 1950/53 is equipped with a Chinese Type 88 Hangyang rifle and wears a fur cap, the rice bag on his right side and bandoliers over his shoulders. Note also the cheap footwear and old-style leg wrappings. North Korean infantryman...

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Korean War Comic Books

Following the sudden onset of hostilities in June 1950, the Korean War became the focus of a number of comic books.Source: Advancing in another Direction Beginning in 1951, E-C Comic's Two-Fisted Tales followed the United States into the Korean war.Two-Fisted...

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1950 ~ Cold War Turns Hot in Korea

https://youtu.be/JWe1c58cR94 In the summer of 1950 the Soviet-equipped North Korean People's army (NKPA) steamrollered over the 38th parallel into South Korea. Overwhelming South Korean and American forces the NKPA advanced rapidly south to the Busan perimeter where...

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