Victory Through Air Power was a 1943 Walt Disney animated documentary feature film based on the controversial 1942 book Victory Through Air Power by Alexander P. de Seversky. De Seversky maintained:

  • rapid expansion of both range and striking power of military aircraft meant the U.S. would soon become vulnerable to air attack (as was Britain at the time)
  • the U.S. must begin preparing immediately for inter-hemispheric war directly across oceans
  • the U.S. must become the dominant air-power nation, as England in its prime was the dominant sea-power

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Disney studios began to produce propaganda films for the U.S. government. But, unlike most WWII training films, Victory Through Air Power was created to influence government officials as well as enhance public morale. According to film historian Leonard Maltin, the film had a significant influence on President Roosevelt’s commitment to long-range bombing.