Top 10 songs of 1962
August 28, 2023
UN Condemns South African Apartheid
August 21, 2023
https://youtu.be/MrHXvfQQu0Q The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in November 1962 condemning South Africa's racist apartheid policies and called for all UN member states to cease military and economic relations with the nation. Source: Wikipedia
Sonny Liston vs Floyd Patterson
August 17, 2023
https://youtu.be/KbjF3uPUjT8 Charles L. "Sonny" Liston became the world heavyweight champion in 1962 after knocking out Floyd Patterson in the first round, repeating the knockout the following year in defense of the title. Liston lost the title in 1964 to Muhammad Ali midst claims that he had been drinking heavily the night before the fight and had entered the bout with a lame shoulder. In a 1965 rematch with Ali, Liston suffered an unexpected first-round knockout that led to unresolved suspicions of a fix. Wikipedia
George Wallace “Segregation Forever”
August 14, 2023
In the 1962 Alabama Democratic primary, George Wallace finished first, taking 35 percent of the vote. In the runoff election he won the nomination with 55 percent of the vote. With no Republican filed to run, Wallace won a crushing victory in the November general election with 96 percent of the vote.  Wallace unsuccessfully sought the United States presidency as a Democrat three times, and once as an American Independent Party candidate. Source: Wikipedia
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
August 10, 2023
 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich was a short novel by the Russian writer and Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn published in November 1962 in the Soviet literary magazine Novy Mir(New World). Set in a Soviet labor camp in the early 1950s, the book's publication was the first time in Soviet literary history that an account of Stalinist repressions had been openly distributed.  Source: Wikipedia .
The Cuban Missile Crisis
August 7, 2023
The Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 was a cold war confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union, which escalated into an international crisis when American deployments of missiles in Italy and Turkey were matched by deployments of Soviet ballistic missiles in Cuba. The confrontation was resolved when the Soviets agreed to dismantle their offensive weapons in Cuba in exchange for a US agreement to not invade Cuba again. Secretly, the United States also agreed to dismantle all of the nuclear missiles deployed to Turkey against the Soviet Union.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_Missile_Crisis
Seattle World’s Fair
August 3, 2023
https://youtu.be/mpBsSxVhjhg Originally conceived to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1909 Alaska–Yukon–Pacific Exposition, the major theme of the fair was to show that the United States was not really behind the Soviet Union. As a result, the major themes were of space, science, and the future. Although President John F. Kennedy was supposed to attend the closing ceremony of the fair on October 21, 1962, he bowed out, pleading a "heavy cold." It later became public that he was dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Source:Wikipedia
Mariner 2 Flies Past Venus
July 31, 2023
https://youtu.be/RCEugP5l-yU Launched 36 days after the loss of Mariner 1, Mariner 2 carried the same scientific equipment as it flew by Venus at a range of 21,660 miles. During a 42 minute scan of the planet, Mariner 2 gathered significant data on the Venusian atmosphere and the surface before continuing on to heliocentric orbit. Source: Wikipedia
Lawrence of Arabia
July 27, 2023
https://youtu.be/vOlRhGEhG7k Lawrence of Arabia, released in 1962, was a historical drama based on the life of T. E. Lawrence and his 1926 book Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Directed by David Lean, the film starred Peter O'Toole and Alec Guinness. Nominated for ten Oscars at the 35th Academy Awards in 1963, the film won Best Picture, Best Director and the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Source: Wikipedia
Cuban Missile Crisis
July 24, 2023
The Cuban Missile Crisis was a confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union in October 1962. The situation escalated into an international crisis when American missiles in Italy and Turkey were matched by Soviet deployments of similar ballistic missiles in Cuba. The crisis was avoided when the USSR withdrew its weapons from Cuba and the United States secretly agreed to dismantle all nuclear medium-range ballistic missiles which had been deployed to Turkey for targets in the Soviet Union. The Cuban missile crisis is often considered the closest the Cold War came to escalating into a full-scale nuclear war. Source: Wikipedia
China Invades India
July 20, 2023
The Sino-Indian War of October–November 1962 centered on the disputed Aksai Chin region along those countries’ borders. Source: Wikipedia
Helicopters in Vietnam War
July 17, 2023
In July 1962 the first armed helicopter company of the United States Army was formed at Okinawa, Japan. https://youtu.be/Mmfo3v-Azas The American Bell UH-1 Huey was the workhorse for air cavalry units throughout the war. The attack helicopter - embodied by the HueyCobra, was also used for the first time in warfare. Source: Military Factory
Supreme Court Rules Against School Prayer
July 13, 2023
 In June 1962 the US Supreme Court ruled that, due to violation of the First Amendment, it is unconstitutional for state officials to compose an official school prayer and encourage its recitation in public schools. Source: Wikipedia
Silent Spring
July 10, 2023
Silent Spring, published by Rachel Carson in 1962, documented the environmental harm caused by the indiscriminate use of pesticides. The book accused the chemical industry of spreading disinformation, and public officials of accepting the industry's marketing claims unquestioningly. Source: Wikipedia
East German Killed Crossing Berlin Wall
July 6, 2023
In August 1962 Peter Fechter, an 18 year old East German bricklayer, the 27th known person to die at the Berlin Wall, was shot and killed by East German border guards while trying to cross over to West Berlin. Source: Wikipedia
JFK 4th of July 1962
July 3, 2023
https://youtu.be/IXizI5hRweU In his 1962 4th of July speech President Kennedy praised the American democratic system, discussed the enduring relevance of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and addressed the role of the United States in relation to the emerging European Community.  Source: JFK Library
Top Songs 1962
June 29, 2023
1"Stranger on the Shore"Acker Bilk2"I Can't Stop Loving You"Ray Charles3"Mashed Potato Time"Dee Dee Sharp4"Roses Are Red (My Love)"Bobby Vinton5"The Stripper"David Rose6"Johnny Angel"Shelley Fabares7"The Loco-Motion"Little Eva8"Let Me In"The Sensations9"The Twist"Chubby Checker10"Soldier Boy"The Shirelles11"Hey! Baby"Bruce Channel12"The Wanderer"Dion13"Duke of Earl"Gene Chandler14"Palisades Park"Freddy Cannon15"Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"Neil Sedaka16"Wolverton Mountain"Claude King17"Slow Twistin'"Chubby Checker & Dee Dee Sharp18"It Keeps Right On a-Hurtin'"Johnny Tillotson19"The One Who Really Loves You"Mary Wells20"Good Luck Charm"Elvis Presley21"Midnight in Moscow"Kenny Ball22"Sheila"Tommy Roe23"Twistin' the Night Away"Sam Cooke24"The Wah-Watusi"The Orlons25"Peppermint Twist"Joey Dee and the Starliters26"Break It to Me Gently"Brenda Lee27"Playboy"The Marvelettes28"Ramblin' Rose"Nat King Cole29"Sealed with a Kiss"Brian Hyland30"She Cried"Jay and the Americans31"Don't Break the Heart That Loves You"Connie Francis32"Dear Lady Twist"Gary U.S. Bonds33"Norman"Sue Thompson34"Love Letters"Ketty Lester35"Party Lights"Claudine Clark36"Cotton Fields"The Highwaymen37"Alley Cat"Bent Fabric38"Twist and Shout"The Isley Brothers39"Theme from Dr. Kildare (Three Stars Will Shine Tonight)"Richard Chamberlain40"Tuff"Ace Cannon41"Lover Please"Clyde McPhatter42"I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)"Barbara George43"Young World"Ricky Nelson44"Baby It's You"The Shirelles45"Speedy Gonzales"Pat Boone46"A Little Bitty Tear"Burl Ives47"Crying in the Rain"The Everly Brothers48"Al di là"Emilio Pericoli49"Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)"Ernie Maresca50"What's Your Name"Don and Juan51"Smoky Places"The Corsairs52"Having a Party"Sam Cooke53"Green Onions"Booker T. & the M.G.'s54"You Don't Know Me"Ray Charles55"Sherry"The Four Seasons56"Johnny Get Angry"Joanie Sommers57"Can't Help Falling in Love"Elvis Presley58"Shout"Joey Dee and the Starliters59"Rinky Dink"Dave "Baby" Cortez60"Moon River"Henry Mancini61"Ahab the Arab"Ray Stevens62"Things"Bobby Darin63"(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance"Gene Pitney64"You Belong to Me"The Duprees65"Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)"Roy Orbison66"Snap Your Fingers"Joe Henderson67"Lovers Who Wander"Dion68"Let's Dance"Chris Montez69"Cindy's Birthday"Johnny Crawford70"You Beat Me to the Punch"Mary Wells71"You'll Lose a Good Thing"Barbara Lynn72"Uptown"The Crystals73"Everybody Loves Me But You"Brenda Lee74"Patches"Dickey Lee75"Venus in Blue Jeans"Jimmy Clanton76"Love Me Warm and Tender"Paul Anka77"Teen Age Idol"Rick Nelson78"She's Got You"Patsy Cline79"Dear One"Larry Finnegan80"Her Royal Majesty"James Darren81"Old Rivers"Walter Brennan82"Funny Way of Laughin'"Burl Ives83"A Swingin' Safari"Billy Vaughn84"Tell Me"Dick and Dee Dee85"PT-109"Jimmy Dean86"Little Diane"Dion87"Percolator (Twist)"Billy Joe and the Checkmates88"Twist, Twist Senora"Gary U.S. Bonds89"Twistin' Matilda"Jimmy Soul90"Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)"Dee Dee Sharp91"Walk on the Wild Side"Jimmy Smith92"Soul Twist"King Curtis93"I'll Never Dance Again"Bobby Rydell94"I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)"The Ikettes95"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"The Kingston Trio96"(Girls, Girls, Girls) Made to Love"Eddie Hodges97"Town Without Pity"Gene Pitney98"If I Had a Hammer"Peter, Paul and Mary99"I Wish That We Were Married"Ronnie & the Hi-Lites100"Surfin' Safari"The Beach Boyshttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billboard_Year-End_Hot_100_singles_of_1962
Algeria Wins Independence from France
June 26, 2023
In July 1962, after eight years of war from 1954 to 1962, Algeria won its independence from France. Source: Wikipedia
SDS Port Huron Statement
June 22, 2023
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was a US student activist organization during the 1960s that disdained hierarchical government and promoted participatory democracy. In 1962 the SDS manifesto, known as the Port Huron Statement, was adopted at the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor.The statement was a broad critique of the political and social system of the United States for failing to achieve international peace and economic justice. The statement issued a non-ideological call for participatory democracy, based on non-violent civil disobedience and the idea that individual citizens could help make the social decisions which determined their quality of life. Source: Wikipedia
US Submarine Launches Live Nuclear Missile
June 19, 2023
In May 1962 the submerged ballistic missile submarine USS Ethan Allen launched a live Polaris missile which detonated a 600 kiloton W47 nuclear warhead 11,000 feet over the Pacific 580 miles northeast of Christmas Island. Source: Wikipedia
Ranger 4 and Saturn Rocket Hit The Moon
June 15, 2023
https://youtu.be/M7xlxfuXaW4 The United States spacecraft Ranger 4, designed to transmit pictures of the lunar surface to Earth, was launched in April 1962. An onboard computer failure caused failure of the deployment of the solar panels and navigation systems and the spacecraft crashed on the far side of the Moon without returning any scientific data. Two days later a Saturn rocket, designed to send Apollo missions to the Moon and back, was launched from Cape Canaveral.
Flight 739 Disappears Over Pacific
June 12, 2023
https://youtu.be/GfNUxFqOAds Flying Tiger Line Flight 739  disappeared in March 1962, over the western Pacific Ocean. The aircraft was transporting 96 military passengers from Travis Air Force Base in California to Saigon, South Vietnam. After refueling at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, the Super Constellation disappeared while en route to Clark Air Base in the Philippines. All 107 aboard were declared missing and presumed dead. Source: Wikipedia
Andy Warhol  
June 8, 2023
https://youtu.be/WBJtVrdFncM Andrew Warhola Jr (1928 –1987) was an American visual artist and leading figure in the pop art movement. His works included painting, silkscreening, photography, film, and sculpture.  Source: Wikipedia
Marilyn Sings Happy Birthday to JFK
June 5, 2023
https://youtu.be/qvoqK6aLE2E In May 1962 Marilyn Monroe sang to JFK at Madison Square Garden. In August 1962 she died of a barbiturate overdose at her Los Angeles home. JFK was assasinated in November 1963. https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=JFK+was+assasinated+in+1963&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
John Glenn Orbits Earth
June 1, 2023
In February 1962, Marine Corps pilot John Glenn Jr. become the first American to orbit Earth. Glenn circled Earth three times and splashed down in the ocean nearly five hours later. Source: Wikipedia
Memorial Day 1962
May 29, 2023
https://youtu.be/YChfpVD5xpk https://youtu.be/PfeU9Fy6e74?t=9