Intended to be a universal representation of war, this painting by Henry Carr was commissioned by the British War Artists Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Information. 


And since you know you cannot see yourself, so well as by reflection, I, your glass, will modestly discover to yourself, that of which you yet not know of.      
-William Shakespeare; Julius Caesar, Act One, Scene Two


About this website

This educational website is intended to enhance awareness and understanding of events and attitudes in 20th century America and in the countries that become her wartime enemies. In wartime, we often depersonalize our enemy and see him entirely as the “other.” Fear, resentment, racism, outraged vengeance and the belief by each side that its cause is righteous often result in vicious fighting and terrible atrocities. 

• What events and social currents lead up to war? 

• How are conscious experiences of ordinary citizens shaped during wartime?

• How do the citizens of each country differ and what are the similarities?

• How might we better understand the lessons of war so as not to repeat them?


About Mark Scott Smith

After a stimulating career as an academic pediatrician in Seattle, I now live on the windswept Oregon coast where I research America’s wars in the 20th century and pursue creative writing.

Over the past few years researching these topics, I have encountered many fascinating facts, images and viewpoints. These web pages are an attempt to share them with a wider public and generate discussion.