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Dear valued reader – With posts about the Nuremberg and Tokyo Trials, we draw our Enemy in the Mirror website coverage of WWII to a close and embark on what would become known as the Cold War. I began this website as I dug deeply into the literature and travelled to Japan, researching my first history-inspired novel Enemy in the Mirror: Love and Fury in the Pacific War.                                                                         Hakodate, Japan Researching the war against the U-Boats off the East Coast USA, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean for my soon-to-be-published second novel The Osprey and the Seawolf ~ The Battle of the Atlantic 1942, I visited Germany, Cuba, Yucatán and Florida.

                                                                               Lübeck Germany

                                                                               Havana Cuba

                                                                   Mérida, Yucatán                                                                            Jacksonville, Florida

As I learned fascinating cultural and historical information about America and her enemies during the years leading up and into WWII, I  began to post it here.  Born in 1942, I find myself drawn to write about America’s wars that have occurred in my lifetime. As I prepare to publish my second WWII novel The Osprey and the Seawolf ~ Moonlight Warriors 1942, I am beginning to research the years 1945-50 that lead up to the Korean War – the topic of my third novel. As always, I will share interesting cultural and historical information I encounter on this website. I would like to encourage readers to share comments and links to additional information and analysis pertinent to the topics discussed.

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