Kafū Nagai, 1927

Kafū Nagai, 1927

Remember December 8!

On this day the history of the world was changed.

The Anglo-Saxon powers

On this day we’re driven back on East Asian land and sea,

It was their Japan that drove them back,

A tiny country in the Eastern Sea,

Nippon, the Land of the Gods

Ruled over by a living God.

– Nagai Kafū (1879-1959)


Kafū Nagai  (永井 荷風, December 3, 1879 – April 30, 1959) was the pen name of  author, playwright, essayist, and diarist Nagai Sōkichi (永井 壮吉). He wrote of life in early 20th-century Tokyo among geishas, prostitutes, cabaret dancers, and other denizens of the city’s lively entertainment districts.