The journalist Richard Tregaskis defined the meaning of the phrase “embedded correspondent” with this classic account of the initial phase of the battle of Guadalcanal .

” …While the firing continued and I could hear the occasional impact of a bullet hitting a nearby tree or snapping off a twig, I debated whether it would be wiser to stay in my exposed spot or to run for a better ‘ole and risk being hit by a sniper and route. I was still debating the question when I heard a bullet whirr very close to my left shoulder, heard it thud into the ground and then heard the crack of the rifle which had fired. That was bad. Two Marines on the ground 10 or 15 feet ahead of me turned and looked to see if I had been hit. They had evidently heard the bullet passing. That made up my mind. I jumped up and dashed for a big bush. I found it well populated with ants which crawled up my trousers legs, but such annoyances are secondary now.”  

– Guadalcanal Diary