McMinnvile Oregon UFO – Wikipedia

In May 1950 photographs of UFOs  taken on a farm near McMinnville, Oregon were published in Life magazine and nationwide newspapers.

Although some skeptics believe UFOs are a hoax, many ufologists argue that the photos are genuine, and show an unidentified object in the sky.  

Newsweek magazine devised the following UFO Sighting credibility scale:

  • One point for sightings with multiple witnesses
  • Additional point for an expert witness (a pilot, air traffic controller, military or government official)
  • One point for sightings of an object <500 feet away
  • One point for picture evidence
  • Additional point for film of a moving UFO
  • Additional point for flight inconsistent with flight as humans know it.
  • Two points for a physical effect (e.g., car light breaks, extreme heat, scorch marks on ground)
  • Three points for seeing an animated pilot
  • Minus three points if military/government body discredits sighting

This book, reviewing startling reports from qualified observers such as pilots, generals and government officials convinces me there is real substance in many UFO reports.