Meet the Press has had the longest run of any television program in the United States. Although it began as a Saturday night program moderated by the charmingly Southern-accented Martha Rountree, it ultimately became a popular NBC Sunday morning show hosted by a series of male broadcasters.

Martha Rountree1947–1953
Ned Brooks1953–1965
Lawrence E. Spivak1966–1975
Bill Monroe1975–1984
Roger Mudd and Marvin Kalb
Marvin Kalb1985–1987
Chris Wallace1987–1988
Garrick Utley1989–1991
Tim Russert1991–2008
Tom Brokaw2008
David Gregory2008–2014
Chuck Todd2014–present

 Recently,Tom Brokaw and Andrea Mitchell  reviewed the legacy of John McCain on Meet the Press .