Operation Moolah – in 1953 U.S forces in Korea offered $100,00 and political asylum to the first pilot who defected to South Korea with a combat-capable MiG-15.

In September 1953, a MiG- 15 piloted by Senior Lt. No Kum-Sok of the North Korean Air Force, landed at Kimpo Air Base in South Korea.

Powered by a copy of a British Rolls-Royce jet engine that was improved to produce a higher thrust, the MiG-15 was superior to the American P-51 Mustangs, F-80 Shooting Stars, and the F-84 Thunder jets.

Almost capable of Mach 1 speed, the MiG-15 was maneuverable at high altitude, armed with cannons, and could stay in the air for over 1 hour.