In August 1953, the UN Command (UNC) released 70,183 North Koreans and 5,640 Chinese prisoners.

The Chinese People’s Volunteer Army (PVA) and (North) Korean People’s Army (KPA) repatriated 7,862 South Korean, 3,597 American, 945 British, 229 Turkish, 40 Filipino, 30 Canadian, 22 Colombian, 21 Australian, 12 French, 8 South African, 2 Greek, 2 Dutch, and 1 prisoner of war each from Belgium, New Zealand, and Japan.

In September 1953, 7,900 North Koreans and 14,704 Chinese soldiers who declined repatriation were handed over to the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission. The PVA/KPA handed over 23 American and one Briton and 333 South Korean non-repatriates UN soldiers.

By the December 23 explanation period deadline for non-repatriates, large groups of the Communist prisoners refused to listen to the PVA/KPA representatives at all. 137 Chinese soldiers chose to return to China. Two Americans and eight South Koreans chose to return to the UNC.

325 Koreans, 21 Americans and 1 Briton voluntarily decided to stay with the Communists. 21,839 Communist soldiers decided to remain in the West.

In early 1954 the Korean non-repatriates were released and the Chinese were shipped by plane and boat to Taiwan, except for some 86 who chose to go with the Custodial Forces of India when they sailed for home.

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