Understanding America and Her Enemies in Wartime

Joe DiMaggio $100K

In 1949 Joe DiMaggio of the NY Yankees became the first $100,000/year baseball player. Joe DiMaggio, known as the "Yankee Clipper," was a supreme baseball player - an excellent fielder as well as hitter. Hall of Fame player, owner and manager Connie Mack called...

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TV Soap Operas

Irna Phillips (Old Magazine Articles) In January 1949 NBC broadcast the first TV daytime soap opera entitled "These Are My Children." Written by long-time radio and screen writer Irna Phillips, the show was broadcast live from Chicago for just fifteen minutes at...

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Volkswagen in America

https://youtu.be/VUPCl1WUF-E VW Beetle   In 1933 Adolf Hitler demanded the production of an inexpensive automobile capable of transporting two adults and three children at 100 km/hr.   After WWII British occupation forces in Germany ordered 20,000 Type I VW beetles...

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