Understanding America and Her Enemies in Wartime

Iranian Coup d’état

https://youtu.be/VlbRUwgASAQ In August 1953 a coup d'état overthrew Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favor of strengthening the monarchical rule of the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The coup was...

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Vaya con Dios

  Vaya con Dios (Go with God) was written by Larry Russell, Inez James, and Buddy Pepper, and first recorded by Anita O'Day in December 1952. The most-popular version of the song was recorded by the popular husband-and-wife musical duo Les Paul and Mary Ford and...

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Soviets Test Their First Hydrogen Bomb

Throughout the late 1940s, aware that thermonuclear weapons were developed by the United States, the Soviet Union worked to develop a hydrogen bomb to counter the perceived Cold War threat. Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov (considered the father of the Soviet...

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