Song of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army (PVA)

Forward! Forward! Forward!
Our army faces towards the sun,
Over the ground of our Motherland,
Carrying the hope of our nation,

We are an invincible power!
We are the sons of peasantry,
We are the arms of the people!

Always fearless, never yielding, heroically fight,
’till we exterminate all counter-revolutionaries
Mao Zedong’s flag is fluttering high!

Hark! The wind is roaring and the bugle is sounding;
Hark! How thunderously our revolutionary song is ringing!

Comrades, march forth in unity onto the frontiers
of liberation and the borders of our Nation!.

Forward! Forward!
Our army faces towards the Sun;
Towards the final victory;
And the freedom of all our land!

After almost 20 years of intermittent civil war, interrupted by cautious military cooperation against colonial Japan, the People’s Republic of China was proclaimed in October 1949.

By the end of January 1950, the last Nationalist Chinese Kuomintang troops surrendered in mainland China as the Kuomintang retreated to Taiwan with two million people, including military forces and refugees.