Popular TV shows 1954

Top-rated primetime television series of the 1954–55 season as measured by Nielsen Media Research.[1]

1I Love LucyCBS49.3
2The Jackie Gleason Show42.4
4You Bet Your Life41.0
5The Toast of the TownCBS39.6
7The Jack Benny ShowCBS38.3
8The George Gobel ShowNBC35.2
9Ford Theatre34.9
10December BrideCBS34.7
11The Buick-Berle ShowNBC34.6
12This Is Your Life34.5
13I’ve Got a SecretCBS34.0
14Two for the Money33.9
15Your Hit ParadeNBC33.6
16The MillionaireCBS33.0
17General Electric Theater32.6
18Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts32.5
19Private Secretary32.2
20Fireside TheatreNBC31.1
21The Life of Riley30.9
22Arthur Godfrey and His FriendsCBS29.8
23The Adventures of Rin Tin TinABC29.5
25Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts29.1
26The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show29.0
27The Colgate Comedy HourNBC28.0
28The Loretta Young Show27.7
29My Little Margie27.1
30The Roy Rogers Show26.9