23 May, 1945  — President of Germany Karl Dönitz and Chancellor of Germany Count Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk are arrested by British forces at Flensburg. They are respectively the last German Head of state and Head of government until 1949.

23 May- Heinrich Himmler, former head of the Nazi SS, commits suicide in British custody.

24 May – Field marshal Robert Ritter von Greim commander of the Luftwaffe in the last days of the Third Reich, commits suicide.

29 May- German communists, led by Walther Ulbricht arrive in Berlin.

5 June- The Allied Control Council, military occupation governing body of Germany, formally takes power.

1 July –  Germany is divided between the Allied occupation forces.

Source: Wikipedia

This cynical training film for American occupation forces reflects the bitterness and suspicion felt at the end of the war with Nazi Germany.