This interesting review of the year 1949 seeps Cold War energy.

Cost of Living 1949

Average Cost of new house $7,450.00 
Average wages per year $2,950.00 
Cost of a gallon of Gas 17 cents 
Average Cost of a new car $1,420.00 
Minimum Hourly Wage Rate 70 cents per hour
Bacon per pound 50 cents 
Dobbs Hat $8.50 
Kitchen Table and Chairs $100.00 
Bacon Sliced 59 cents per pound 
Bananas 11 cents per pound 
Bleach 21 cents 1/2 gallon 
Cantaloupe 23 cents 
Coffee 85 cents for 2 pound bag 
Fresh Chickens 55 cents per pound 
Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling 
Average House Price 1,911 

How Much things cost this year 
Yearly Inflation Rate U.S.A. -0.95% 
UK 2.6%