Anna Wallis Suh (1900–1969), nicknamed “Seoul City Sue,” was a Methodist missionary, educator, and North Korean propaganda radio announcer broadcasting to United States forces during the Korean War.

After joining the Shanghai American School (SAS) in 1938, Suh married fellow staff member Sŏ Kyu Ch’ŏl, thus losing her United States citizenship.

 Late in WWII she was interned by the Japanese near Shanghai. After release, she resumed work at SAS for a year, before returning to Korea to teach school with her husband in 1946.

In 1949 Suh was fired from the U.S. Legation school in Seoul due to suspicions regarding her husband’s left-wing political activities.

The Suhs remained in Seoul during the North Korean Army’s invasion of South Korea in June 1950. In July 1950 Anna Wallis Suh began announcing an English language program for North Korean “Radio Seoul.”

After the Incheon landing in September 1950, the Suhs were evacuated north as a part of the general withdrawal of North Korean forces.

Suh then continued her broadcasts on Radio Pyongyang. The Suhs also participated in the political indoctrination of US POWs at a camp near Pyongyang in February 1951.


After the war, Suh was put in charge of English language publications for the Korean Central News Agency.

In 1972 Charles Jenkins, an American deserter reported that Anna Suh had been shot as a South Korean double agent in 1969.