This newsreel seems to reflect American support for the virtual dictatorship of this anti-communist strong man.

Syngman Rhee

In May 1956 81-year-old Syngman Rhee won 70% of the popular South Korean vote with a voter turnout of 94%.

With re-election, Rhee continued to hold a virtual monopoly on political power in South Korea.

One opposition candidate Shin Ik-hee died before the election.

Cho Bong-am.png
Cho Bong-am Wikipedia

The other candidate Cho Bong-am, who campaigned on a platform of peaceful reunification of Korea in opposition to Rhee’s policy of “March North and unify Korea,” received 30% of the presidential election vote.

In 1959 Cho was accused of violating the National Security Law and executed.

Source: Wikipedia