Mao and Stalin
July 18, 2019
Transcripts of the December 1949 and January 1950 sessions between Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin were obtained from Soviet archives by the New York Times in 1995, Moscow December 1949: The first meeting between Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin took place only months after Mao's revolutionary army had taken control of China. Mao asked Stalin to send "volunteer" pilots or secret military detachments to speed up the conquest of Formosa (Taiwan). Stalin only agreed to consider it. Wikipedia Moscow February 1950 - Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung signed a mutual defense treaty which opened what the United States saw as a new front in the cold war. But the new records and recently released documents from Chinese archives suggest that the alliance did not have a strong foundation and may have been foredoomed.
Silly Putty
July 15, 2019
When the Japanese invasion of Asia threatened America’s rubber supply during World War II, chemists at General Electric began looking for a synthetic substitute. James Wright stumbled upon ... a stretchy material that withstood decay and bounced 25 percent higher than rubber. When left untouched, this “solid liquid” flowed in slow motion and when struck sharply, it broke into pieces. Wright failed to find a wartime use for the goofy goo. Afterward, this “bouncing putty” or “nutty putty” amused guests at parties but did little else until toy marketer Peter Hodgson decided to list it as a novelty ...for a dollar, just in time for Easter. After a New Yorker article featured Silly Putty in 1950, orders topped 250,000 in three days. Millions have sold every year since...Astronauts even took it aboard Apollo 8 to stick down tools in zero gravity! Source: National Toy Hall of Fame
FBI Ten Most Wanted List
July 11, 2019
https://youtu.be/nWgn0lb9q3A In March 1950 the FBI officially released a list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives designed to increase law enforcement's ability to capture dangerous fugitives. If fugitives were captured, died, had charges dropped or were no longer considered a dangerous menace to society, the FBI removed them from the Ten Most Wanted List and replaced them with a new entry. As of 2018, the FBI had featured a total of 519 criminals in the 10 Most Wanted rundown. The Bureau says that 486 of those individuals were eventually captured, with the publicity of the list being a key reason. Of those 486, 162 were apprehended based on information shared by a tip. ~11 Facts About the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List
Einstein Warns of Arms Race
July 8, 2019
https://youtu.be/K4MjwIFoPn0 Transcript: The Eleanor Roosevelt Show." NBC Radio February 1950 ALBERT EINSTEIN (Physicist): ... The idea of achieving security through national armament is, at the present state of military technique, a disastrous illusion. On the part of the U.S.A. this illusion has been particularly fostered by the fact that this country succeeded first in producing an atomic bomb. The belief seemed to prevail that in the end it would be possible to achieve decisive military superiority... This mechanistic, technical-military psychological attitude has had its inevitable consequences. Every single act in foreign policy is governed exclusively by one viewpoint: how do we have to act in order to achieve utmost superiority over the opponent in case of war? Establishing military bases at all possible strategically important points on the globe. Arming and economic strengthening of potential allies. Within the country: concentration of tremendous financial power in the hands of the military; militarization of the youth; close supervision of the loyalty of the citizens, in particular, of the civil servants, by a police force growing more conspicuous every day. Intimidation of people of independent political thinking. Subtle indoctrination of the public by radio, press, and schools. Growing restriction of the range of public information under the pressure of military secrecy. The armament race between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R., originally supposed to be a preventive measure, assumes hysterical character. On both sides, the means to mass destruction are perfected with feverish haste - behind the respective walls of secrecy. The hydrogen bomb appears on the public horizon as a probably attainable goal. Its accelerated development has been solemnly proclaimed by the President. If it is successful, radioactive poisoning of the atmosphere and hence annihilation of any life on earth has been brought within the range of technical possibilities. The ghostlike character of this development lies in its apparently compulsory trend. Every step appears as the unavoidable consequence of the preceding one. In the end, there beckons more and more clearly general annihilation. Is there any way out of this impasse created by man himself? All of us, and particularly those who are responsible for the attitude of the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R., should realize that we may have vanquished an external enemy, but have been incapable of getting rid of the mentality created by the war. It is impossible to achieve peace as long as every single action is taken with a possible future conflict in view. The leading point of view of all political action should therefore be: what can we do to bring about a peaceful coexistence and even loyal cooperation of the nations? The first problem is to do away with mutual fear and distrust. Solemn renunciation of violence (not only with respect to means of mass destruction) is undoubtedly necessary. Such renunciation, however, can be effective only if at the same time a supranational judicial and executive body is set up empowered to decide questions of immediate concern to the security of the nations. Even a declaration of...
Radio Free Europe
July 4, 2019
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pQh2PjdziQ&t=65s Headquartered in Munich Germany, Radio Free Europe was founded as an anti-communist propaganda platform in 1949 by the National Committee for a Free Europe (a CIA front organization). Although clearly Western propaganda, Radio Free Europe provided a counterpoint to monolithic Communist media and attracted many listeners in Soviet bloc countries. Aware of its appeal, Communist governments frequently infiltrated Radio Free Europe headquarters, and regularly jammed its signals. https://youtu.be/fHzxjxtnXSo In the post Cold War era, Radio Free Europe continues to broadcast from Prague providing news and information to countries where independent media reporting is either banned by government authorities or not fully developed.
World Population
July 1, 2019
https://youtu.be/PUwmA3Q0_OE YearTotal world population(mid-year figures)Ten-year growthrate (%)19502,556,000,05318.9%19603,039,451,02322.019703,706,618,16320.219804,453,831,71418.519905,278,639,78915.220006,082,966,42912.6201016,848,932,92910.7202017,584,821,1448.7203018,246,619,3417.3204018,850,045,8895.6205019,346,399,468— Projected.Source: U.S. Census Bureau, International Database. SEPT. 6, 2018 — According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2017 National Population Projections by 2030, all baby boomers will be older than age 65. This will expand the size of the older population so that 1 in every 5 residents will be retirement age. By 2035, there will be 78.0 million people 65 years and older compared to 76.7 million (previously 76.4 million) under the age of 18.
First Kidney Transplant
June 27, 2019
https://youtu.be/EP9gnlmEyo8 In June 1950 Dr. Richard Lawler performed the first successful kidney transplantation. The donor kidney was removed from a patient who had died of cirrhosis of the liver. The recipient was a 44-year-old woman with polycystic kidney disease, (PKD), a genetic disorder with multiple fluid-filled cysts typically in both kidneys.Transplantation was risky but the only real option for survival for the patient, since renal dialysis was not yet widely available. https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/kidney-disease/polycystic-kidney-disease/what-is-pkd The transplanted kidney functioned for ~ 53 days. 10 months after transplantation it was rejected and removed. With PKD in both of her kidneys, the patient's remaining kidney functioned at ~10%, enabling her to live another 5 years when she died of unrelated cardiac disease. This first kidney transplantation was conducted prior to development of immunosuppressant drugs and tissue typing which would have helped prevent organ rejection.
Arthur Godfrey
June 24, 2019
https://youtu.be/3FlVhQTIL1Q Sponsored by Lipton Tea, Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts was broadcast on CBS radio and television from 1946 until 1958. Godfrey was also hosting Arthur Godfrey and His Friends at the same time. Arthur Godfrey delivered commercials in a laid-back manner and often spoke irreverently about subjects that came up on his show. His easygoing style and dry wit attracted a strong following for several years. https://youtu.be/vAixx8G2wzU Some talent featured on Godfrey's show, such as the McGuire Sisters, went on to successful careers. https://youtu.be/TRSAbWIi478
Diners Club Card
June 20, 2019
https://youtu.be/iR5QYkdiaq4  In February 1950 the Diners Club issued the first credit card which only allowed charges at restaurants. By the end of the year, Diners Club had 20,000 members. In 1950 the company charged participating establishments 7% and billed cardholders $5 per year. By the mid-1960s, Diners Club had 1.3 million cardholders. Diners Club International was acquired by Citigroup in 1981. In 2008, Discover Financial Services purchased Diners Club International from Citibank for $165 million. Average Credit Card Processing Fees 2019The average credit card processing cost for a retail business where cards are swiped is roughly 1.95% – 2% for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover transactions. The average cost for card-not-present businesses, such as online shops, is roughly 2.30% – 2.50%.
U.S. Reveals H-Bomb Plans
June 17, 2019
In 1949 the United States had lost its nuclear supremacy when the Soviet Union successfully detonated an atomic bomb at their test site in Kazakhstan. https://youtu.be/ZQOZp4ThymU USSR conducts its first atomic bomb test - 1949 Several weeks after a successful Soviet atomic bomb test, Klaus Fuchs, a scientist in the U.S. nuclear program, was discovered spying for the Soviet Union. These two events, and the fact that the USSR had access to American research information regarding the construction of the hydrogen bomb, led Truman to make this public announcement on January 31, 1950: “It is part of my responsibility as commander in chief of the Armed Forces to see to it that our country is able to defend itself against any possible aggressor,” Truman said. “Accordingly, I have directed the Atomic Energy Commission to continue its work on all forms of atomic weapons, including the so-called hydrogen or superbomb. Like all other work in the field of atomic weapons, it is being and will be carried forward on a basis consistent with the overall objectives of our program for peace and security.” Source: Politico
Klaus Fuchs Atomic Spy
June 13, 2019
https://youtu.be/mqQ5_Na8DIc The German theoretical physicist Klaus Fuchs helped develop the first effective atomic bomb at Los Alamos during the WWII Manhattan Project. German born, Fuchs fled Nazi Germany and became a British citizen in August 1942. As a long-time Communist sympathizer, Fuchs soon began providing Soviet KGB operatives with classified information on the progress of Britain’s atomic energy research. In 1943, Fuchs went to Columbia University in New York with a British delegation of scientists to work on the Manhattan Project. In 1944 he began releasing classified information to a KGB agent in America. In August 1944 Fuchs was transferred to Los Alamos where he calculated the approximate energy yield of an atomic explosion, and specialized in researching implosion methods. In addition to secrets regarding the American atomic bomb project, Fuchs also passed detailed information about the hydrogen bomb to the Soviets. At the end of the war, Fuchs returned to England and continued his work on the British atomic bomb project. In 1949 decrypted cables from the U. S. Army Signal Intelligence Service revealed Fuchs was a Soviet spy. Fuchs was arrested in January 1950 and charged with violating Britain's Official Secrets Act. After his testimony led to the arrests of KGB agents (including Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) he was released after nine of his 14 year prison sentence. In 1959 Fuchs returned to the (East) German Democratic Republic as Deputy Director of the Central Institute for Nuclear Research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf laboratory. In 1979 he received the Karl Marx Medal of Honor.
Fats Domino
June 10, 2019
https://youtu.be/7eU90nf7xJg Antoine "Fats" Domino's 1950 song "The Fat Man" is widely regarded as the first million-selling Rock 'n Roll record. One of the pioneers of rock and roll music, Domino sold more than 65 million records. LISTEN Fats Domino: 12 Essential Songs
Bogart on Baseball
May 30, 2019
Concerned that the emerging medium of television would hurt ticket receipts, Major League baseball officials produced TV commercials similar to those used to promote movies in the early 1950s.
Memorial Day
May 27, 2019
https://youtu.be/YChfpVD5xpk PROCLAMATION 2889  - May 22, 1950   PRAYER FOR PEACE, MEMORIAL DAY Since war is the world's most terrible scourge, we should do all in our power to prevent its recurrence.It was the hope of mankind that with the cessation of hostilities of World War II the way would be open to founding a permanent peace. Instead, that war has left the world in a state of continued unrest. Accordingly, we feel the need of turning in humble suppliance to Almighty God for help and guidance.In recognition of this need, the Congress has fittingly provided, in a joint resolution which I approved on May 11, 1950, that Memorial Day, which has long been set aside for paying tribute to those who lost their lives in war, shall henceforth be dedicated also as a day for Nation-wide prayer for permanent peace. The Congress has also requested that the President issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe Memorial Day in that manner.NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY S. TRUMAN, President of the United States of America, pursuant to the aforementioned resolution, do hereby proclaim Memorial Day, Tuesday, May 30, 1950, and each succeeding Memorial Day, as a day of prayer for permanent peace. And I designate the hour beginning at eleven o'clock in the morning of that day, Eastern Daylight Saving Time, as a period in which all our people may unite in prayer, each in accordance with his own religious faith, for divine aid in bringing enduring peace to a troubled world.I also request the agencies of the press, radio, television, and other media of public information to join in the observance of that day and of the specified hour by announcements and programs designed to unite the Nation in a universal prayer for permanent peace.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States of America to be affixed.DONE at the City of Washington this 22nd day of May in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and seventy-fourth. [SEAL]HARRY S. TRUMAN Here is an interesting archival collection of NY Times Memorial Day articles since WWI: 100 Years of Memorial Day Commemorations
Storm Clouds ~ U.S. & China
May 23, 2019
https://youtu.be/61dGhZPzSxs Australian Associated Press - January 15, 1950 Despite British recognition of the new regime, Communist seizure of U.S. consular property in Beijing prompted the United States to recall all consular officials from China in January 1950. Some background In August 1949 the U.S. Department of State issued the China White Paper, which stated that the United States had stayed out of the Chinese civil war because it neither should nor could have influenced the outcome. In October 1949, after the Nationalists were driven from mainland China, Mao Zedong proclaimed the establishment of the People's Republic of China. Shortly before the proclamation of the new Chinese government, U.S. Ambassador John Leighton Stuart met with Communist leaders to discuss U.S. recognition of the the new regime. Further negotiations faltered when Mao announced his intention to lean towards the side of the Soviet Union. Source: https://history.state.gov/countries/issues/china-us-relations Vyacheslav Molotov Mao Zedong
U.S. Census
May 16, 2019
For the first time, the 1950 U.S. census counted a population in the United States >150 million people. State rankings RankStatePopulation1New York14,830,1922California10,586,2233Pennsylvania10,498,0124Illinois8,712,1765Ohio7,946,6276Texas7,748,0007Michigan6,421,0008New Jersey4,860,0009Massachusetts4,690,00010North Carolina4,060,00011Indiana3,952,00012Missouri3,946,00013Georgia3,451,00014Wisconsin3,449,00015Tennessee3,304,00016Virginia3,262,00017Alabama3,060,00018Minnesota2,995,00019Kentucky2,957,00020Florida2,821,00021Louisiana2,701,00022Iowa2,621,00023Washington2,386,00024Maryland2,376,00025Oklahoma2,193,00026Mississippi2,169,00027South Carolina2,119,00028Connecticut2,007,28029West Virginia2,006,00030Kansas1,915,00031Arkansas1,906,00032Oregon1,532,00033Colorado1,337,00034Nebraska1,324,00035Maine911,000xDistrict of Columbia814,00036Rhode Island779,00037Arizona756,00038Utah696,00039New Mexico687,00040South Dakota652,00041North Dakota616,00042Montana598,00043Idaho592,00044New Hampshire531,000xHawaii491,00045Vermont377,00046Delaware321,00047Wyoming292,00048Nevada162,000xAlaska138,000 City rankings RankCityStatePopulationRegion (2016)01New YorkNew York7,891,957Northeast02ChicagoIllinois3,620,962Midwest03PhiladelphiaPennsylvania2,071,605Northeast04Los AngelesCalifornia1,970,358West05DetroitMichigan1,849,568Midwest06BaltimoreMaryland949,708South07ClevelandOhio914,808Midwest08St. LouisMissouri856,796Midwest09WashingtonDistrict of Columbia802,178South10BostonMassachusetts801,444Northeast11San FranciscoCalifornia775,357West12PittsburghPennsylvania676,806Northeast13MilwaukeeWisconsin637,392Midwest14HoustonTexas596,163South15BuffaloNew York580,132Northeast16New OrleansLouisiana570,445South17MinneapolisMinnesota521,718Midwest18CincinnatiOhio503,998Midwest19SeattleWashington467,591West20Kansas CityMissouri456,622Midwest21NewarkNew Jersey438,776Northeast22DallasTexas434,462South23IndianapolisIndiana427,173Midwest24DenverColorado415,786West25San AntonioTexas408,442South26MemphisTennessee396,000South27OaklandCalifornia384,575West28ColumbusOhio375,901Midwest29PortlandOregon373,628West30LouisvilleKentucky369,129South31San DiegoCalifornia334,387West32RochesterNew York332,488Northeast33AtlantaGeorgia331,314South34BirminghamAlabama326,037South35Saint PaulMinnesota311,349Midwest36ToledoOhio303,616Midwest37Jersey CityNew Jersey299,017Northeast38Fort WorthTexas278,778South39AkronOhio274,605Midwest40OmahaNebraska251,117Midwest41Long BeachCalifornia250,767West42MiamiFlorida249,276South43ProvidenceRhode Island248,674Northeast44DaytonOhio243,872Midwest45Oklahoma CityOklahoma243,504South46RichmondVirginia230,310South47SyracuseNew York220,583Northeast48NorfolkVirginia213,513South49JacksonvilleFlorida204,517South50WorcesterMassachusetts203,486Northeast51TulsaOklahoma182,740South52Salt Lake CityUtah182,121West53Des MoinesIowa177,965Midwest54HartfordConnecticut177,397Northeast55Grand RapidsMichigan176,515Midwest56NashvilleTennessee174,307South57YoungstownOhio168,330Midwest58WichitaKansas168,279Midwest59New HavenConnecticut164,443Northeast60FlintMichigan163,143Midwest61SpringfieldMassachusetts162,399Northeast62SpokaneWashington161,721West63BridgeportConnecticut158,709Northeast64YonkersNew York152,798Northeast65TacomaWashington143,673West66PatersonNew Jersey139,336Northeast67SacramentoCalifornia137,572West68ArlingtonVirginia135,449South69AlbanyNew York134,995Northeast70CharlotteNorth Carolina134,042South71GaryIndiana133,911Midwest72Fort WayneIndiana133,607Midwest73AustinTexas132,459South74ChattanoogaTennessee131,041South75EriePennsylvania130,803Northeast76El PasoTexas130,485South77Kansas CityKansas129,553Midwest78MobileAlabama129,009South79EvansvilleIndiana128,636Midwest80TrentonNew Jersey128,009Northeast81ShreveportLouisiana127,206South82Baton RougeLouisiana125,629South83ScrantonPennsylvania125,536Northeast84KnoxvilleTennessee124,769South85TampaFlorida124,681South86CamdenNew Jersey124,555Northeast87CambridgeMassachusetts120,740Northeast88SavannahGeorgia119,638South89CantonOhio116,912Midwest90South BendIndiana115,911Midwest91BerkeleyCalifornia113,805West92ElizabethNew Jersey112,817Northeast93Fall RiverMassachusetts111,963Northeast94PeoriaIllinois111,856Midwest95WilmingtonDelaware110,356South96ReadingPennsylvania109,320Northeast97New BedfordMassachusetts109,189Northeast98Corpus ChristiTexas108,287South99PhoenixArizona106,818West100AllentownPennsylvania106,756Northeast
R.I.P. Doris Day
May 14, 2019
https://youtu.be/D0MtzQDltr0 Doris Day, the freckle-faced movie actress whose irrepressible personality and golden voice made her America’s top box-office star in the early 1960s, died on Monday at her home in Carmel Valley, Calif. She was 97. ~ NY Times May 13, 2019 Film appearances YearTitleRoleNotes1948Romance on the High SeasGeorgia GarrettHer feature film debut. Co-starring Jack Carson. Song "It's Magic" nominated for an Oscar.1949My Dream Is YoursMartha GibsonCo-starring Jack Carson.It's a Great FeelingJudy AdamsCo-starring Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan; with Errol Flynn, Joan Crawford, Edward G. Robinson, Sydney Greenstreet, Gary Cooper, Jane Wyman, Patricia Neal, Danny Kaye, Eleanor Parker.1950Young Man with a HornJo JordanHer first dramatic role. Co-starring Kirk Douglas and Lauren Bacall.Tea for TwoNanette CarterCo-starring Gordon MacRae. Adaptation of Broadway musical No, No, NanetteThe West Point StoryJan WilsonCo-starring James Cagney1951Storm WarningLucy RiceCo-starring Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers and Steve CochranLullaby of BroadwayMelinda HowardCo-starring Gene NelsonOn Moonlight BayMarjorie "Marjie" WinfieldCo-starring Gordon MacRaeBased on the Penrod stories by Booth Tarkington.I'll See You in My DreamsGrace LeBoy KahnCo-starring Danny ThomasStarliftHerselfHer name appeared first in the on-screen credits.1952The Winning TeamAimee AlexanderCo-starring Ronald ReaganApril in ParisEthel  "Dynamite" JacksonCo-starring Ray Bolger1953By the Light of theSilvery MoonMarjorie "Marjie" WinfieldCo-starring Gordon MacRaeA sequel to On Moonlight Bay.Calamity JaneCalamity JaneCo-starring Howard Keel Introduced Academy Award-winning song Secret Love1954Lucky MeCandy WilliamsCo-starring Robert Cummings and Phil Silvers1955Young at HeartLaurie TuttleCo-starring Frank SinatraLove Me or Leave MeRuth EttingCo-starring James Cagney1956The Man Who Knew Too MuchJosephine Conway "Jo" McKennaCo-starring James Stewart. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.Introduced Academy Award-winning song Que Sera, SeraJulieJulie BentonThriller co-starring Louis Jourdan1957The Pajama GameKatherine "Babe" WilliamsCo-starring John Raitt. Adaptation of Broadway musical1958Teacher’s PetErica StoneCo-starring Clark GableThe Tunnel of LoveIsolde PooleCo-starring Richard Widmark Golden Globe and Laurel nominations for Golden Globe Award for Best Female Performance - Musical or Comedy|Best Motion Picture Actress - Comedy/Musical1959It Happened to JaneJane OsgoodCo-starring Jack Lemmon and Ernie KovacsPillow TalkJan MorrowHer first film with Rock Hudson Academy Award-nominated for Best Actress.Golden Globe Award-nominated for Best Motion Picture Actress - Musical/Comedy. Laurel Award for best female comedy performance.1960Please Don't Eat the DaisiesKate Robinson MackayCo-starring David NivenMidnight LaceKit PrestonThriller co-starring Rex HarrisonGolden Globe and Laurel Award nominations for Best Motion Picture Actress - Drama1961Lover Come BackCarol TempletonHer second film with Rock Hudson. Laurel Award for best female comedy performance.1962That Touch of MinkCathy TimberlakeCo-starring Cary Grant. Won Laurel Award for best female comedy performance.Billy Rose's JumboKitty WonderAdaptation of Broadway musicalGolden Globe Award-nominated for Best Motion Picture Actress - Musical/Comedy1963The Thrill of It AllBeverly BoyerCo-starring James GarnerMove Over, DarlingEllen Wagstaff ArdenCo-starring James Garner. Remake of My Favorite Wife (1940).Initiated as Marilyn Monroe's unfinished film Something's Got to Give.Golden Globe Award-nominated for Best Motion Picture Actress - Musical/Comedy1964Send Me No FlowersJudy KimballHer third and last film with Rock Hudson. Won the Laurel Award for best female comedy performance.1965Do Not DisturbJanet HarperCo-starring Rod Taylor1966The Glass Bottom BoatJennifer NelsonCo-starring Rod Taylor. Nominated for Laurel Award, best female comedy performance.1967CapricePatricia FosterCo-starring Richard HarrisThe Ballad of JosieJosie MinickCo-starring Peter Graves and George Kennedy1968Where Were You Whenthe Lights Went Out?Margaret GarrisonLaurel Award nomination for best female comedy performance.With Six You Get EggrollAbby McClureCo-starring Brian Keith; her last film. Laurel Award nomination for best female comedy performance. Discography 10" LPs  You're My Thrill (1949) Tea for Two (1950) (soundtrack) Young Man with a Horn (1950) (w/Harry James) (soundtrack) Lullaby Of Broadway (1951) (soundtrack) On Moonlight Bay (1951) (soundtrack) I'll See You in My Dreams (1951) (soundtrack) By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953) (soundtrack) Calamity Jane(1953) (soundtrack)The Deadwood StageSecret LoveJust Blew in From The Windy CityThe Black Hills Of DakotaA Woman's touchI can do without youHigher than a Hawk (Deeper than a well)Tis Harry I'm plannin' to marry Young at Heart (1954) (soundtrack) (w/Frank Sinatra)Till My...
What’s My Line 
May 13, 2019
What's My Line? was a game show on the CBS Television Network from 1950 to 1967. Blindfolded celebrity panelists questioned a weekly "mystery guest" to determine his/her employment. Moderated by John Charles Daly, regular panelists included Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, and Bennett Cerf. What's My Line? was the longest-running primetime network television game-show in America. The show won Emmy Awards for "Best Quiz or Audience Participation Show" in 1952, 1953, and 1958 and the Golden Globe for Best TV Show in 1962.Ref: Wikipedia
Joseph McCarthy 
May 9, 2019
Speech of Joseph McCarthy, Wheeling, West Virginia, February 9, 1950 ...The reason why we find ourselves in a position of impotency is not because our only powerful potential enemy has sent men to invade our shores . . . but rather because of the traitorous actions of those who have been treated so well by this Nation. It has not been the less fortunate, or members of minority groups who have been traitorous to this Nation, but rather those who have had all the benefits that the wealthiest Nation on earth has had to offer . . . the finest homes, the finest college education and the finest jobs in government we can give. This is glaringly true in the State Department. There the bright young men who are born with silver spoons in their mouths are the ones who have been most traitorous. . . . I have here in my hand a list of 205 . . . a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department. . . .
Korean War Vets Memorial
May 7, 2019
I just visited the American war memorials in Washington D.C. All evoke powerful emotions. The Korean War Veterans Memorial is located near the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. It was dedicated on July 27, 1995. The Memorial was designed and financed by private contributions and erected under the auspices of the Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board . Source: The Memorial - Korean War Vets Memorial I am currently researching the events surrounding the Korean War for my next historical fiction novel regarding the time of that conflict.
The Broad High Road
May 6, 2019
At the end of WWII, with a Conservative Party defeat in the 1945 general election, Winston Churchill became leader of the British opposition. Midst the developing Cold War with the Soviet Union, Churchill warned of an "iron curtain" of Soviet influence in Europe and promoted European unity. In this inspiring 1950 election speech, Churchill demonstrated his superb oratorical skill Here is an excerpt from his famous speech of June 1940 after the fall of France and the Dunkirk evacuation. https://youtu.be/MkTw3_PmKtc
Popular Music
May 2, 2019
https://youtu.be/Oi6oSjmDV4U https://youtu.be/j11rwc6Sf4o
Your Show of Shows
April 29, 2019
Premiering on NBC TV in February 1950, Your Show of Shows was a weekly, variety show featuring comedians Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. https://youtu.be/ZmCCxEUfEsE https://youtu.be/e0iMF6DWpo8
Republic of India 
April 25, 2019
In 1947 India became an independent nation within the British Commonwealth. The eastern and northwest parts of colonial British India were partitioned into the Dominion of Pakistan with the transfer of ~10 million people and the tragic deaths of ~one million people. With the 1950 constitution, the Republic of India became a fully-independent democracy with Jawaharlal Nehru as its first Prime Minister. https://youtu.be/rpKG5ZB5eLI
The Great Brinks Robbery
April 22, 2019
The great Brinks robbery In January 1950 eleven men pulled off the greatest robbery up to that time at the Brinks Armed Car depot in Boston Massachusetts. Vanishing after stealing $2.7 million, the masked men left few clues (a chauffeur’s cap and adhesive tape and rope used to bind and gag Brinks employees). The gang was not caught until six years later (just before the statute of limitations would have been in effect).
People’s Republic of China
April 18, 2019
Song of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army (PVA) Forward! Forward! Forward!Our army faces towards the sun,Over the ground of our Motherland,Carrying the hope of our nation, We are an invincible power!We are the sons of peasantry,We are the arms of the people! Always fearless, never yielding, heroically fight, 'till we exterminate all counter-revolutionaries Mao Zedong's flag is fluttering high! Hark! The wind is roaring and the bugle is sounding;Hark! How thunderously our revolutionary song is ringing! Comrades, march forth in unity onto the frontiersof liberation and the borders of our Nation!. Forward! Forward!Our army faces towards the Sun;Towards the final victory;And the freedom of all our land! After almost 20 years of intermittent civil war, interrupted by cautious military cooperation against colonial Japan, the People's Republic of China was proclaimed in October 1949. By the end of January 1950, the last Nationalist Chinese Kuomintang troops surrendered in mainland China as the Kuomintang retreated to Taiwan with two million people, including military forces and refugees.
America in 1950
February 5, 2018
I have begun collecting images for my next book about the Korean War. (I'm jumping my own timeline here - we'll get back to 1946 with the next post) Check out my PINTEREST board ~ America in 1950 Any corrections (sometimes it's hard to pinpoint 1950 exactly since most search engines want "the 50s") or suggestions for additional items would be most welcome.    
He May Be a Communist
January 2, 2018

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