On November 13, 1950 US Navy carrier planes destroyed ~85% of the military camp at Hyesanjin. on the Yalu River between North Korea and China.

Yalu River – Wikipedia

On November 21, 1950 US Army 7th Division elements of X Corps occupied Hyesanjin and surrounding ground to the banks of the Yalu River.

General MacArthur sent a message to the X Corps commander General Almond:

Heartiest congratulations, Ned, and tell Dave Barr that the 7th Division hit the jackpot.

General Almond added his own congratulations to Barr: “The fact that only twenty days ago this division landed amphibiously over the beaches at Iwon and advanced 200 miles over tortuous mountain terrain and fought successfully against a determined foe in subzero weather will be recorded in history as an outstanding military achievement.”

Source: X Corps at the Yalu River 

At the Yalu River 11/21/50
     Left to Right: Generals Kiefer, Hodes, Almond, Barr
     Visiting the 17th Infantry, at Hyesanjin
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